Ariel Tonglet




I am a developer and infographic designer specialized in data visualization and interactive content.

I graduated in Arts at Unesp and, before focusing on programming, I also worked with graphic design and journalism. Therefore, I'm at my best when I can move between these areas, working on the possibilities of each project in these various stages.

When programming, I normally work with JAM Stack, using tools such as React, Next.js, Payload CMS, GraphQL and D3.js. Additionally, I have experience with Figma, Adobe Suite, QGIS, Node, Wordpress and CLIs like ffmpeg. Regardless, each project has a unique set of needs and I face the beginning of each process as an opportunity to develop new skills.

Over more than a decade, my work has been included in several design and graphic journalism awards such as Malofiej, SND, ñh, Brazilian Biennial of Graphic Design and Brasil Design Awards.

Fullstack developer @ Polar, Ltda.
Designer and fullstack developer @ Museu dos Aflitos

Senior front-end developer @ Kunumi
Web designer @ O Estado de São Paulo
Developer @ Nexo Jornal
Infographic designer @ Folha de S.Paulo